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  • WDPF Capacity Restrictions
    WDPF system capacity restrictions can hamper system operation and maintenance by making it impossible to add or modify DCS control logic, alarming, or monitoring functions...Read more

  • WDPF Lifecycle Planning
    WDPF life cycle planning involves evaluation of product/equipment support and availability, budgetary constraints, plans for future expansion, and WDPF capacity limitations....Read more

  • Lifecycle Planning for your DCS
    Even the most reliable DCS eventually needs to be upgraded, because of such problems as lack of OEM support
    and shortage of spare parts....Read more

  • Ovation Migration
    There are several choices to be made when defining the Ovation hardware and software configuration....Read more

  • WDPF System Maintenance
    To prevent loss of critical control system configuration software, WDPF systems must be backed up properly in case there is a hardware or software failure...Read more

  • DCS Enhancements for Improved Reliability
    Poorly integrated plants have problems such as high operator workload during startup, a high number of CT trips, and difficulty ramping load....Read more

  • DCS Retrofit Project Management
    The WDPF control system is approaching the end of its product life. Replacement options include migration to Ovation retaining the QLine I/O.....Read more

  • Ovation and WDPF DCS Training
    DCS retrofit project or new installation usually includes training for plant operators and I&C technicians. Personnel turnover, major equipment changes such as a DLN retrofit, or a change in plant ownership may also prompt DCS training.
    Read more